A Different Approach To Explaining COVID-19 Safety Measures

JW Marriott Singapore is one of the few hotels that have received an SG Clean certification thus far, and we are honoured to be able to share the good news through this video that we created for them. 

For this project, we decided to leverage on visual metaphors to convey the JW Marriott Singapore safety messages.

Not only would this exude class, but also is a clever and witty way of conveying an over-shared message that has been circulating since the global pandemic hit, to which people would have likely grown desensitized by now. 

Bursting with ideas, the team eventually narrowed it down to three main pillars – social distancing, temperature checking and surface cleaning.

We represented social distancing with a scene of a chef preparing sushi at Akira Back; slicing the sushi and lining them up. This image of the sushi pieces sitting within perfect distance from each other was then mirrored against a parallel scene of couples dining at tables situated a distance from one other. 

For temperature checking, we included a close-up of an elegant hand dipping a finger into the water of a bath to check its temperature. The ripple effect that this action causes across the water surface is reflective of how a simple measure such as temperature checking during this period, can go a long way in preventing the spread of the pandemic.

Lastly, we used the cleaning of the hotel’s art pieces as a visual metaphor for the disinfecting and surface cleaning measures. This sequence of scenes feature an associate brushing off dust from an absorbing and contemplative hanging piece against the wall of the executive lounge, followed by a gloved hand wiping the wooden frame off another artwork with a clean white cloth.

The effective use of visual metaphors brought about an understated elegance and meaning to the message of the video that we were trying to convey.

Check it out:


JW Marriott Singapore South Beach – The New Normal from mediatropy on Vimeo.

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