The Work From Home Transition

We now have multiple offices thanks to the social distancing measures to tackle the spread of the current COVID-19 pandemic. All staff at Mediatropy have fully embraced remote working during these unprecedented times.

Social distancing will help slow down the spread of the virus, as demonstrated by this informative simulation by The Washington Post. Essentially, the less people interact, the less opportunity of the virus spreading.

Shinta Hawa  – Bali

Sugiarto Kwan – Bali

Joan Ilari – Singapore

Artisa Hidris – Singapore

Remote working is not new to Mediatropy, it is something we have adopted into our working culture for some time now and has proven beneficial for the company and employees. The use of online platforms such as, Skype and Dropbox provides the necessary tools to enable daily operations to run as normal during this unsettling period.

Advantages of working from home (WFH):

1.Productivity is increased as less time is being wasted commuting to and from the office. At Mediatropy we are leveraging collaborative tools and also developing our owns such as a Brainstorming platform (stay tuned!)

2. Employees can manage their own flexible schedule, leading to a healthy work life balance and ultimately higher work satisfaction.

3. An office environment can often be distracting with other employees chattering away or endless unnecessary meetings.

4. The working environment at home can be customized to suit your needs for increased productivity—sit on your favorite chair or wear that comfy oversized t-shirt!

5. Money can be saved without having to pay for lunches out and commuting costs.

At this current time, we understand that marketers may be in a state of panic as finance departments are cutting media budgets. However, instead of sitting at home (and binge-watching that latest must-see series!), let Mediatropy help you plan ahead. 

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